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Mide Of MTB releases New collection “TRADO-GROOVY”

July 23, 2016

When style meets culture, what is your currency?


It is on this note that I introduce to you a young and budding designers latest spring-summer collection that dropped recently. The Mide Tush Bespoke(MTB) “Trado-Groovy” collection.
Trado-Groovy? Who names a fashion collection that? I’ll tell you what, Mide of MTB does and there’s an explanation.
In his own words, Mide says that the collection was inspired “from the creative architectural spontaneity of combining the modern day style with the contemporary traditional look of an African cultured man”. The collection which boasts of debonair unisex outfits ranging from tunics, agbada, danshiki in floral prints, polka dots, plain et pattern, paisley et al, with it’s cultural music incorporated in its theme, hence the Yoruba traditional drum.
I’m particularly into breaking rules in fashion and that’s exactly what this collection is about, bringing modern day styling to indigenous Yoruba cultured outfits.
While some may proclaim minimalism is no longer a thing, Mide proves in this collection that minimalism with the right detailing is the new cool. I particularly love the horizontal and diagonal cuts, the prints, the selected colours, and the aesthetics behind this collection. I must admit that I’m not surprised, not since the designer hit the social media with his shirt, tie and the traditional Yoruba hat for men; Fila. Talk about versatility. I can’t wait to style pieces from this collection and I can almost see it in my head. I feel that mixing modern day style with cultural pieces are about to become a thing, and I’m not about to be left out haha.
Mide is a maverick, as all who are passionate and authentic are. I know he can and will do better, so I look forward to more and I know you will too, after seeing these pictures.imageimageimage

MTB inktostyle 1

MTB inktostyle 1


To order any of the outfits off TRADO-GROOVY [20% discount from now till July 31st] send a message through via Whatsapp: +2348163555438 or a DM via Instagram @midetushbespoke

How would you style these? Please let me know in the comment box, no limits please.

Thanks for reading guys.

Love, Dueces and Kisses,


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  • Reply Mide July 23, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    I’m honoured big time to have this epic collection published on your colourful and concise blog. Thank you my squid ❤️❤️

  • Reply adebayo mutiat July 25, 2016 at 7:15 am

    This is beautiful…

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