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July 20, 2016


Okay I know it’s been aaaaages since you last heard from your girl, and I do apologize. What’s a more apologetic word than sorry? anyone? I have been up to a lot lately, sometimes I’m just not sure if it’s all worth mentioning despite the weight of it all. I start typing and I just stop halfway, and I can’t even explain why. But I’m back and I tell you not to sound cliche but HEY. I AM BACK!

So I’m assuming all is forgiven now and we’re just going to move on, and I’m going to give you a update on all that I’ve been up to.

Loving: Nigerian act Mr. Eazi. Can’t stop listening to his songs on repeat. My current favs are SKINTIGHT and ANOINTING featuring Sarkodie. On repeat.

Attending: More weddings. Doing that has been proven to  get you hooked yourself. haha. Just make sure to slay, in your owanbe(yoruba nickname for women’s traditional outfit) and your Agbadas. What’s with young men rocking Agbadas to events these days looking like them “Yoruba Demons”?. YoruBAD boys. haha. Anyways, i made sure to slay despite the limited time(less than 48 hours) that I had to prepare for this event. I’m sharing pictures that were taken with my iPhone, so please excuse the blur.


Owanbe 1IMG_4781[1]IMG_4827[1]

Feeling: Nothing. No, not nothing. Just no negative feeling. So good.

Obsessed: with interior decor these days. If I had a million dollars right now, I would totally buy a house and decorate just to show off. Creativity is beautiful.

Living: part-time in Lagos now. There’s something about busy cities that get me. Sneak in and out unnoticed but still leave a mark. Quiet towns are my thing too, but I have moods for those.
Learning:  To appreciate life’s happy moments. A lot of happy moments are being taken for granted and if you just learn to appreciate those moments, you’ll get through the sad ones just fine. One of my favourite moments to remember is a series of moments spent with my cousins Tobi, Ara, and Ire who are 5, 3 and 1 respectively. They’re a lot of happy trouble but I miss them so much. They are such beautiful souls. I can not even begin to explain. Once,  Ara who can sometimes be a bully shoved his brother for hugging me too tight I guess, and I ordered Tobi to shove him right back and he said the cutest words ever – “I can’t hit him back, he’s my brother” and just continued to hold on to me. Those words coming from a five year old still ring in my ears in his voice when I need them most. Gosh, just writing about it is bringing a smile to my face.

Also Learning: that I wear my emotions on my arm like a sleeve. Sometimes you listen to other people tell you how they see you, which is what I did with Yimika. That wasn’t all he said but I’m going to stop here. Yes.

Made: Such great friends. I used to think friendship was about how long, but now I realise it is how well. That lots of friends were cool, but now I realise that a few good friends are way more cooler. Like my friend Eli said, “good people precede good times”. Plus I’m grateful for them all. Thanks guys.

Watching: The news. CNN precisely. So much drama America, but then who doesn’t love drama?

Talking: Lists with Sekinat. Remember when you made a list of all the things you have now? Well, some of us can’t do nothing unless it’s on paper in a small book by our bedside lockers.
Missed: cooking. I promise I’m a good cook, near-perfect to be precise. I just can’t find the energy to cook a great meal for just myself. Not that I’m not enough motivation but I really don’t mind a houseful of people just to eat my food. At the end of the day there’s no appetite. But I miss cooking. That mommy in the kitchen cooking feeling.
Getting told: that I should be be motivational speaker more and more. Funny how that’s an inborn thing, pushing people and fueling their drive. And Wanting to share what I know even though they say don’t let them know what you know. I’m not sure it applies here. I’ll work on that guys, sharpen my pencil and pen my thoughts down. Hope you get motivated.
Crushing: on a tall black boy. Hello K.
Eating: so much these days. It must be something in the air. It’s 2:14pm as I type this and I’ve already had yam porridge, spaghetti(that tasted so good , it was heartbreaking to see it finish), a huge bowl of chicken salad , sausages and a pack of juice. I’m starting to eye this fruit cake like….
Oh did I mention I had snail somewhere in between. My friend Solape just said it’s the same with her so I guess I’m normal.

Haunted: by someone’s M.O. I think it stuck on me, or maybe I’m just being paranoid. Annoying part was he wouldn’t stop talking, and I was there nodding and trying to be polite and shifting my face to angles from which I could breathe.

Attracted : to things that ail me. Dangerous things. You only get this if you’re about that life.
Need: new besties. I totally miss calling someone to give the juice to. Or some extra motivation from a sister. Being miss strong independent woman gets tiring sometimes. Which brings me to…
Question: Do you ever just want to take a moment to cry? No not because you’re sad or anything, but because it’s been a while since you last cried. Just to remind yourself that you’re still a cry baby? Lol. I’m just asking, not that I exactly feel that way at the moment. Just wondering. (This is me done trying to convince you that I’m not about to take a moment to cry) lol

About the Economy: I take a deep breath on this one. We all know the struggle, and I bet we all can wait to see it done with. But Nigerians though, we soak in everything. I wish we weren’t so strong sometimes.

Reading: Nuruddin Farah’s From a crooked Rib. Re-reading to be on point. First book that suggested I might be a feminist, with it’s storyline following a girl that liberates herself from her self and her religious family’s expectations. She takes her life in her own hands and though not flawlessly handles, deals with situations with courage and beauty. Gosh! I could go on and on. For a book published in 1970, I must say it is a brilliant piece. Simply written, but I think Nuruddin Farah saw the future and wrote about it. This should be a post on its own lol.

Grateful: for life, with it’s curves and edges. Beautiful.

Crushing again: on my friend Mide’s about to be released collection. Yass, I got to see exclusive pictures because that’s part benefits of being friends with creative minds. I can’t wait to rock some of his pieces and share pictures with y’all.

Too : many things to do! Hopefully I get to write about it all later.

Testing: New grounds. What’s life all about if you’re not stepping outside your comfort zones and taking risks?

It’s on this note that I end today’s logbook entry. I wish that i could go on and on but lets leave the rest for sometime later.

Today’s Motivation: It’s not about what you have, but about how you take advantage of what you have. Horn your strengths, be aware of your flaws but ignore them. I hope you get the gist.

Make up on both looks lit? I think so too! The first look was done by make up artist Zainab of Rubyzain beauty (IG: @Rubyzain) and the second Owanbe look was done by medical student cum makeup artist Uti (IG:@Utyliciouz), and she also tied my headscarf. I love both looks but I’d love to know your personal favorite, so let me know in the comment box. Also, your feedback on this logbook entry wold be highly appreciated. Thanks guys!

Until next time,

Love, Deuces and Kisses.

Outfit Details

  • Red dress: Maju
  • Choker: Maju
  • Ankara Purse: Roadside stall
  • Court shoes: Gbemisoke shoes

Owanbe outfit Details

  • Black Dress and Ankara Gele: sourced and sewn by SOLAPE OMOLE (IG: @sollypeeofficial)
  • Sandals: Primark
  • Matching neckpiece and earrings: Gleemah fashion
  • Jeweled Purse: Swaped with a friend.


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  • Reply Mide July 20, 2016 at 2:53 pm

    This piece got me all concentrated and shii. Absolutely brilliant post my dear friend. You are a sensation ❤️❤️❤️

  • Reply tayyibat July 20, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    yay!!i loved it…remember to post often dear…

  • Reply Oluwabunmi Idowu July 20, 2016 at 8:17 pm

    Ur doing a great job swt whereever u got ds inspiration frm kip goin bac dr to gt more n for d looks oh my God I love em both.

  • Reply Sa'eedah Imam July 25, 2016 at 8:10 am

    Essential stuffs i read in there!

    • Reply Monisola Osanyinbi August 1, 2016 at 12:04 am

      Saheedah!!! Beyond humbled! Thank you for your comment! And great piece on the Last blog post about night life, you created a perfect daydream. I tried to leave a comment but WordPress wouldn’t let me because I used that mail to sign up for an account and now I can’t remember the password …. And blas. Looking forward to meeting you!!!

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